Beyond Conventional:

Leaders in Sustainability

Veev is humbly working towards redefining the "dirty side" of the industry. Traditional construction has taken a significant toll on the environment and Veev is striving to be an outlier. From project inception to everyday living, sustainability is embedded in Veev's design and decision-making process.

Green By Design

Digital Home supports: air quality, energy & water conservation

Stringent material sourcing standards

Modular construction promotes minimal waste


Require Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Transparent annual GHG reporting

Frontlines of industry research & collaboration

Differentiation by numbers.

Veev has eliminated 87% of our waste stream in comparison to traditional construction. Our goal is to source 100% recycled steel which lowers our overall carbon footprint by 50% in comparison to traditional construction.

What's next for Veev.

This is only the beginning – we are striving to transform the industry from cradle-to-grave to a closed-loop cycle. This means zero waste, carbon negative, and beyond: environmental regeneration. Join us on our journey to transform how homes interact with our planet.