End-to-end service

Veev is a vertically integrated real estate developer that provides a truly turnkey offering completely in-house. Our build process includes asset management, architectural & structural design, permitting, full modular build, installation, and a digital home backbone.

And because our developments are built with our proprietary construction technology, we are able to bring designs directly to our product line, with no supply chain surprises to slow things down or drive costs up. This allows us to automate and scale without relying on external interdependencies – all within a near zero waste fabricated environment.


Traditional construction relies on materials that are unhealthy, environmentally irresponsible, and inefficient, requiring multiple layers and stages of the building process. Now these materials have become difficult to source and very costly, too. After years of analyzing the problem in the field and the lab, Veev created a better way to build.

What goes into a Veev home

Modular panelization

We view the wall as the atomic building block of the home. So we created a proprietary panelized approach we refer to as the closed & finished wall system.

Each wall of a Veev home is built at our fabrication facility and strategically integrated and routed with MEP – electricity, plumbing, light, and sensors – prior to being fully closed and cladded on both sides. The system not only enables us to build technology directly into the walls of the home, but also leads to repeatable processes and levels of precision that just aren’t possible with traditional construction methods.

Plug & play installation

The Veev closed walls precisely lock into our steel framing like Lego blocks, allowing our state-of-the-art system to instantaneously connect the MEP, HVAC, and digital integration routing zones. This completely removes the burden of on-site wiring support and allows construction timelines to be measured and predicted in terms of walls per day - all while delivering a simplified, mess-free construction site.
“Veev is not the only company using a factory to make buildings, but with a uniquely integrated approach that pulls design, material supply chain, manufacturing, and construction in-house, it’s carving a niche of pure efficiency.”
Fast Company