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The single-family home at scale

We are transitioning our industry to focus on better materials, a complete system and quality at scale.

Bringing the housing industry into modern times

Homes have been built the same way for centuries, driven by an industry focused on its own needs instead of its customers. Cost, complexity, and variability have gone up while innovation has fallen behind. Veev is changing all that.

Building the future of homebuilding

As a tech-led vertically integrated home builder, we provide a truly turnkey offering completely in-house.

Our process includes digital architectural & structural design, full panelized manufacturing and on-site installation – all supported by the Veev operating system.

Green by design

Traditional construction takes a significant toll on the environment. Veev is an outlier. From project design to everyday living, sustainability is embedded in every decision.

Closed Wall System

The wall is an integral part of our panelized system – the nucleus of our homes. Every Veev wall arrives on-site fully completed, closed and cladded. All mechanical, electrical, plumbing & fire (MEPF) and digital home functionality are built from within – purposefully designed for exceptional performance.

A new standard of living

A fully integrated smart home operating system

The Veev Digital Home is the programmable interface between residents and their Veev home, providing effortless operations over lights, fans & HVAC.

Future-proof technology

Every day, our team is innovating ways to improve the Digital Home operating system. Updates are sent wirelessly to provide new software features and functionality upon release, so our homes only improve with time.

The Veev Digital Home is built on an enterprise-grade infrastructure for superior connectivity and secure backend systems. With offline hosting, residents never have to worry about internet outages affecting their in-wall touch panels or iOS app.

Materials that make an impact

Conventional construction often relies on materials that are costly, unhealthy and bad for the planet.

After extensive research, Veev sourced core materials that are superior in quality, durability and sustainability.

Light Gauge Steel (LGS)
Veev homes are all framed with LGS, a superior building material that delivers exceptional precision and quality with near-zero waste. Compared to traditional wood framing, LGS is also more durable and resistant to pests and fire, which significantly improved the lifespan of the structure.
High Performance Surface (HPS)
We call HPS our limitless material. Used throughout our homes — including interior walls, backsplashes, countertops and more — it’s incredibly durable, non-porous, and certified hygienic. Beautiful and smooth to the touch, this finish is a show stopper.
Windows & doors
Manufactured in-house to control supply chain, aesthetics and deliver quality, key attributes are thermal conductivity, acoustic insulation and premium hardware.
Stretch ceiling
Our drop ceilings, made from lightweight yet tough PVC fabric, pull across any size or shape of room. This technology allows for seamless installation, a sleek aesthetic and easy maintenance.

Home specs

2,320 SqFt
2 parallel
Interior Options
Bedrooms (configurable)
EV Charging
240v plug
40A breaker