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Seamless Approach Meets Structural Ingenuity

We view the wall as the atomic building block of the home. So we created a proprietary, panelized approach referred to as the Closed Wall System. This system enables us to build technology directly into the home’s walls. It’s what powers our efficient, repeatable processes and levels of precision that just aren’t possible with traditional construction methods.

The Veev Closed Wall

Inside our Digital Fabrication Facility, every wall panel is precisely framed, insulated and outfitted with mechanical, engineering, plumbing, fire protection (MEPF) and Veev Digital Home. Using our digital blueprints, wall panels and flooring are able to be state-inspected and fully closed and cladded prior to arriving on-site for faster installation.

Veev Digital Home

Every Veev home comes with a smart-home operating system built into the walls. Featuring sensors and touch panels in every room, home operations are now seamless and adaptive.

Each wall is complete with enterprise-grade wireless internet offering larger bandwidth, a faster connection and increased security.

Plug & Play

The Veev Closed Walls precisely lock into place, allowing the system to instantaneously connect the MEPF, HVAC and digital technology systems. This completely removes the burden of on-site wiring support. We measure and predict construction timelines in terms of walls per day – all while delivering a simplified, mess-free construction site.

Advantages of the closed wall system
Shortened build timelines
Simplified materials and labor
Unmatched precision and better quality materials
Premium grade and finish with longer lifecycle
Starting with innovative groundwork
Foundation System
Building a better home base

We use a system that employs helical piles and a steel substructure technology along with floor cassettes that stabilize our homes and provide higher seismic tolerance.

Deploying helical piles involves sending steel screws that are approximately eight feet in length up to 20 feet into the ground to anchor a home securely.

Cement is a major contributor to CO2 emissions, which is one of the reasons Veev has rethought the foundation in its entirety.

Construction is an industry ripe for innovation
Lower CO2

By utilizing greener materials and processes, Veev homes produce significantly lower carbon emissions compared to those built with traditional methods.

More productive

Veev achieves faster completion times by following our innovative panelized approach to efficiently build homes within a fabricated environment before on-site installation.

Price premium

Veev homes command higher-than-market sales due to the unmatched value and quality they offer homeowners.