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HPS: Our limitless building material

From our walls to the kitchen counters, HPS offers endless design possibilities

When most people enter a Veev home for the first time, they’re immediately drawn to the walls, noticing their ultra-smooth quality. The reason: they’re not made from traditional wood and drywall. Instead, we use High Performance Surface, or what we call HPS.

Comprised of primarily natural minerals with some acrylic polymer, HPS is a solid surface material that’s incredibly durable, heat and water resistant, seamless to repair and easy to clean. These benefits make it a popular choice in highly hygienic settings such as hospitals and restaurants, but it’s also become a go-to choice for residential kitchens and bathrooms.

At Veev, we extend the quality and benefits of HPS to nearly every area of the home, leveraging its chameleon-like flexibility to be formed into any shape and printed into any textured style, from hexagon tile to stucco.

HPS offers homeowners a premium finish, plus protection against water damage, mold, pests stains and day-to-day wear and tear everywhere it’s applied. At the same time, it significantly reduces the amount of materials needed to build our homes, helping us achieve an incredibly efficient build process and produce near zero waste.

The benefits of High Performance Surface

The design options with HPS are truly limitless, giving homeowners attractive features that are much easier to care for.

It’s versatile

HPS can be printed to look like high-end stone counters, tile backsplashes, or even stucco walls. Imagine honeycomb bathroom tile, built-in white custom cabinetry, or stucco on interior walls.

It’s extremely durable

Putting a hole into drywall or marking up wood isn’t hard to do — and costly to repair. HPS stands up to everyday living, including scratches, stains and even kids roughhousing. It’s also heat resistant, so setting a hot pan directly on the kitchen counter is no cause for concern.

It’s odor, water and mold resistant

HPS is non-porous, so it blocks out any odor or moisture. That makes it anti-mold and certified hygienic, so residents never have to worry about how their house is affecting their well-being. At the same time, developers never have to worry about the degradation of the home over time as new tenants move in.

It’s easy to clean

Kid take a marker to the wall? No need to stress. Parents can even join in on the coloring if they want. HPS essentially acts like a dry-erase board, easy to wipe clean. And because it’s seamless, you’ll also never have to worry about scrubbing dirty grout or caulk.

It blocks pests

Wood is susceptible to termite damage, affecting roughly 600,000 homes in the U.S. each year and requiring $5 billion annually to repair. HPS, and our steel framing, is impervious and inedible to termites.

It’s customizable

Our walls don’t need to be painted, but they easily can be with any primer-fortified paint. If you grow tired of the color, simply scrape it away, since the paint isn’t absorbed into the surface.

Homeowners can also choose to apply wallpaper, which comes off just as easily as it goes on.

Hanging items on the wall is also easier with HPS, which can handle a remarkable amount of weight using adhesive strips. Our homeowners hang everything from art to large TVs this way. With something more precious, you can always anchor a screw into the steel stud.

It’s endlessly repairable

Unlike wood or many other surfaces that wear over time, HPS is a truly repairable product. If there’s a hole in the wall from a screw, for example, simply fill it with epoxy. This allows the material to bond itself back together to become good as new, with no signs of damage.

Quiet acoustics

Paired with our steel framing and insulation, HPS provides improved acoustics throughout the home and blocks outside noises.

Faster time to build 

In addition to the many benefits to homeowners, HPS’ ability to be formed into any shape and printed in any texture allows us to build almost everything in house, including custom cabinetry, countertops and backsplashes, and in turn, avoid costly supply chain delays. 

It also fits well into our efficient, manufactured build process. We pair HPS with our steel frame to support our panelized closed walls, which we fully assemble in our digital fabrication facility to be easily clicked into place on site using our Plug & Play system. We can build a single wall in two hours, compared to the roughly 40 hours it takes using traditional building methods.

A sustainable alternative 

Wood and drywall create enormous waste in traditional construction. We are proud to say we produce zero waste with our HPS — just one of our sustainability efforts.

We’re able to achieve this because we look to re-use HPS wherever possible. For example, when cutting a door frame, we use the removed HPS as the material for the door itself. When we cut out a box for electrical wiring, we use that square for our built-in light fixtures. And when we cut out handles from cabinet drawers, we use those same pieces to create door pulls elsewhere.

For any HPS that can’t be re-used in a particular build, it can be melted down and re-formed for future projects without losing any structural integrity.

A material without limits

HPS is a vital component of the Veev system and our promise to offer superior everyday living. The material offers the elegance of materials like stone or wood with better levels of durability, hygiene and longevity. It also allows us to build higher quality homes, faster, all while minimizing our impact on the planet.  

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