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Building a better place to work

By bringing every aspect of home building in-house, we create a stronger team that produces a more reliable product for developers

Story by Carlos Ramirez, VP of Environmental Health & Safety
November 6, 2023

Home building, one of the oldest known career paths, remains one of the most critical in the United States. To address the shortage of housing nationwide, America needs to add an estimated 3.8 million more housing units. This would require a 50% increase in the pace of home construction over the next decade.

The solution sounds straightforward enough: we need to build more homes faster. Yet, staffing workers to take on this responsibility is a massive hurdle for home developers. The industry is already short over half a million workers, and given that the median age of a construction worker is 41, the labor shortage is only poised to worsen as professionals near retirement. 

The industry’s current state is a result of multiple compounding factors. First, traditional residential construction workers can face demanding hours, tough working conditions and physically strenuous tasks that pose safety risks. Positions in carpentry, electrical or HVAC work also require specialized education. While this type of training used to be common in schools, it has become increasingly hard for young people to access in recent decades. Given these limitations, it’s understandable why Gen Z places construction at the bottom of career preferences.

At Veev, we’re transforming every aspect of home building, paving the way for more reliable and safer paths for workers to enter and stay in the industry.

In a shift away from industry norms, we have built a dedicated, in-house team who steers the build process from start to finish. Rather than working on outdoor job sites, our employees primarily operate within our state-of-the-art digital fabrication facility, overseeing our tech-powered home assembly line that creates wall panels for our Single-Family Homes. 

Our processes enable us to create home-building jobs that are not only safer and less labor-intensive but also offer reasonable working hours and a comprehensive range of employee benefits. Because operations are entirely in-house, developers no longer have to deal with hiring and managing contractors with specialized skills themselves. Instead, we eliminate this need and provide all necessary training. The result: we bring premium-quality homes to market up to six times faster than traditional construction, with direct oversight from our trusted team at every stage of the build.

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What makes Veev a better workplace for home building?

Our tech-powered manufacturing environment and processes make working at Veev safer, more reliable, and less strenuous and labor-intensive, than most traditional construction roles. 


Operating in a controlled environment boosts worker safety 

At Veev, we incorporate the safe execution of work into every process. Unlike traditional construction, Veev team members are not impacted by changing weather conditions like rain, high winds or snow, which create safety risks, delays and start-stop issues. Working in a controlled environment also mitigates the top four risks of home construction: including falls, being struck by or caught in between objects or machinery, and electrocution. 


Every stage of the build process is standardized and overseen directly by our team in our digital fabrication facility. Inspections at every stage of the build promptly address safety concerns, so the margin for any error — and potential subsequent injury — is incredibly low. 


Our tech-powered process makes tasks less physically demanding

In addition to mitigating the risk of sudden, catastrophic injury, we also reduce the amount of strenuous labor involved across every stage of the build process to protect our team against long-term damage that can take years to develop. Back pain, repetitive stress injuries, hearing loss and toxic exposure, which can lead to even more significant conditions, are all prominent examples of long-term injuries construction workers can experience.


Our customized digital twin software powers the build of closed walls, which combines the work of framers, mechanical engineers, plumbers, electricians, fire safety professionals and other trades. Many aspects of our build process are automated, which means instead of performing manual tasks like sawing or nailing wood, our team oversees the machinery that moves, cuts and assembles our steel-framed wall panels. Even onsite assembly requires less demanding labor. Our Plug & Play system enables our team to join one fully closed wall together with another in just seconds using a connector cable system.


Increased employee benefits and security

On a typical construction project, trades compete for ideal worktimes, creating unpredictable work hours and long days. Often workers must drive to different work sites day-to-day that can be far from their home. Because our build timelines are predictable and employees report to the same facility every day, our team enjoys less demanding hours and can maintain a sense of routine that lends itself to more personal and family time.

We are also able to provide our employees a comprehensive benefits package including health insurance, 401k planning and unlimited paid time off, which hasn’t been the norm for contract workers and typical residential construction jobs.

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A unified team results in faster, more precise home builds

In addition to making Veev a great place to work, having one in-house team allows us to oversee every aspect of a build, from design to construction, which translates to a higher-quality product. 

Avoiding staffing and scheduling delays shortens timelines

In the traditional construction world, developers must hire dozens of contractors and subcontractors who come and go from a construction site. By working with Veev, developers no longer have to take on staffing responsibilities and manage competing schedules. Veev has one team of designers, engineers, fabrication workers and even real estate reps under one roof to build the best possible Single-Family homes with little harm to the planet injust a matter of weeks. 

Controlling the entire build results in greater quality and service

Specialized education is a requirement for trades like carpenters, plumbers and electricians. Because our processes are standardized, repeatable and powered by technology, we can train our team to safely operate equipment required to complete the job, ensuring every stakeholder is equipped with necessary skills and expertise-level.


Additionally, our team of experts are at developers’ disposal for any questions about how the build came together or finished home features that make Veev homes unlike anything else on the market. 

To build more housing, we need more workers to join the industry

America needs builders to produce homes at an alarming rate. At Veev, we’re answering that call without compromising on quality or working conditions. 

By operating in a controlled environment with precise tech-powered processes, home building careers with Veev are more appealing to a wider range of people. We’re proud to offer a safer and more reliable pathway into the industry. Not only is it better for our employees, it’s better for our customers. 

homebuilding jobs

Having recently combined operations at one facility, and focusing on our core, Single-Family Home product, we are positioned to bring 500 homes to market each year. By choosing to work with Veev, the employees and developers we work with are choosing to rebuild a centuries old industry for the better. 

Learn more about our unique build process by seeing it in action.