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what is a stretch ceiling

Pulling back the stretch ceiling

Our quick-to-install stretch ceilings give homeowners a modern look, easier maintenance and cleaner living

Story by Amit Haller, Co-Founder & CEO
November 9, 2023

Ceiling water damage is a major headache no homeowner wants, but it’s a common problem in traditionally built homes due to plumbing issues and roof leaks. Moisture in ceilings not only brings up the risk of mold and health issues, but repairs can be extensive and costly. 

This is one reason we build Veev homes with stretch ceilings — a modern waterproof technology that’s easy to install, makes maintenance simple and looks sleek.

what is a stretch ceiling

What is a stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceilings are a type of drop ceiling made from lightweight yet tough PVC fabric that pulls across the room and attaches to an invisible aluminum track. This technology allows for easy installation, seamless fit in any size or shape of room and a modern look.

Stretch ceilings have been popular in commercial spaces for decades, especially in Europe. Today, the technology is gaining hold in the United States, most notably in Apple Stores and in the new 3 World Trade Center building (the largest stretch ceiling in the world at its completion.)


The benefits of stretch ceilings in residential homes

Our choice to use stretch ceilings is a key part of our quest to build higher quality homes, starting with high-quality materials.

Stretch ceilings are considered superior to traditional drywalled ceilings for many reasons including their flexibility, customizability, improved insulation as well as its antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Anti-moisture for healthier living

Water seeping into wood drywall is one of the biggest problems homeowners face, especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms that are inherently prone to mold and mildew. Stretch ceilings eliminate this risk. The stretch membrane is antimicrobial and antifungal, which acts as a vapor shield between moisture and the important mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire (MEPF) components housed within the ceiling. It’s also non-toxic and fire-rated for the safety of the homeowner. Paired with our use of steel and High Performance Surface (HPS) — which also block out moisture — Veev homes are built with improved water-proofing.

After a typical water leak, homeowners usually come home to see their ceiling caved in and water on the floor or furniture. Repair often entails cutting open the drywall to access pipes and extensive renovation to eliminate mold and fix damage. Ceiling damage alone can cost up to $4,000 to repair (a figure that stretches to $100,000 if the damage is severe.) If a water leak does occur with a stretch ceiling, it’s able to stretch easily to contain flowing water and prevent further damage. Simply cut a hole to safely drain the ceiling and replace with a brand-new stretch fabric.

Maintenance is a breeze

Cleaning up any potential water leak is only one way a stretch ceiling makes repairs easier. The stretch membrane covers all MEPF, so if maintenance on any of these components is needed, it’s as simple as peeling back the fabric to access any wiring or appliances. No more cutting through drywall just to add a new light fixture — and then dealing with costly and time-consuming patching — stretch ceilings are made to let you easily remove and replace.

Even cleaning the stretch fabric is painless. The PVC membrane is antistatic, which means there is no need to worry about it collecting dust. But say, for example, your blender goes rogue as you’re trying out a new recipe. Simply wipe away the mess and it’s left spot free. 


Elegant design

Our stretch ceiling fabric seamlessly fits any room. Pulled taut, the ceiling provides a sleek look. 

The stretch ceiling also compliments the dynamic and recessed lighting integrated into every room of a Veev home. Because the fabric is pulled over all electrical and recessed lighting features, light is evenly diffused.

what is a stretch ceiling

Improved acoustics and insulation

When people enter a Veev home, they quickly notice how quiet it is. The drop ceiling’s ceiling cavity (the gap between the stretch fabric and the framing) combines with the soft surface fabric to reduce noise levels.

These features also help maintain an ideal temperature all year round, keeping heat out during the warmer months and in when it’s cold. This added temperature insulation contributes to the overall environmental efficiency of the home.

The more sustainable choice

Stretch ceilings are 100% recyclable, add energy efficiency and are made to last — unlike drywall’s tendency to peel, crack and mold.

Install is more efficient and mess-free

Stretch ceilings are easier and faster to install compared to traditional ceiling methods. Professional installation can be done as quickly as a single afternoon and creates no mess. In a traditionally built home, ceiling builds take months, beginning with home framing and ending with interior finishing.


A better material both homeowners and developers

Our decision to use stretch ceilings across all Veev homes is part of our commitment to make the overall homebuilding process as efficient and sustainable as possible — while also producing superior quality homes that are easier to maintain.