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VIDEO: Watch how Veev builds homes of the future, today

Go behind the scenes with our team to understand the methods and materials that allow us to build higher quality homes in a matter of weeks.

A home is one of the most significant financial investments you can make — not to mention where you spend most of your time. Ultimately, it’s the most important product in your life. This belief underpins everything we do at Veev.

However, most people understandably don’t see their home as a product. Unlike purchases such as phones or cars, which are created in quality-controlled environments using advanced technology, houses continue to be built the same way they have been for centuries. The process is extremely fragmented, with multiple contractors, subcontractors and brands involved in every build.

At Veev, we’re creating the world’s first true home brand.

We believe your home should be well-designed, innovative and reliably built to last. We aim to alleviate your stress, not add to it.

A documentary crew from Freethink Media recently filmed behind the scenes at Veev headquarters, our digital fabrication facility and a Veev home in California. The video showcases how we’ve reimagined every aspect of home-building to produce higher quality, more sustainable homes in a fraction of the time.

🛠️ 2:20: It all starts with our revolutionary panelized wall system

The backbone of Veev’s home-building process is our proprietary closed wall system. This innovation speeds up our build process, creates a high degree of precision in our homes and cuts down on waste.

Today, a variety of specialized subcontractors are needed to construct a traditional wall — electricians, plumbers, etc. — all with varying schedules. By choosing to manufacture our wall panels in our digital fabrication facility, we avoid problems with a growing labor shortage and produce homes up to four times faster

Inside our facility, every wall is framed, insulated, outfitted with mechanical, engineering, plumbing and fire protection (MEPF), inspected and fully closed.

Learn more about our closed wall system. 


🖥️ 3:04: A vertically integrated manufacturing approach 

Our closed wall system wouldn’t be possible without our tailored digital twin software. Before each build, our in-house designers use the technology to build a digital replica of the home, accounting for every line item down to individual screws.

The digital twin and our vertically integrated digital system power everything in our manufacturing process from the steel framing to the insulation to window placements. By using predictive analytics, we can make forecasts, including generating build timelines and even testing how a home would withstand an earthquake or heavy storm. This detailed manufacturing process cuts our build times to a fraction of the traditional construction timeline.

Learn more about how the Veev digital twin software helps us build homes efficiently.


🧩 3:55: A faster build with Plug & Play

When our closed walls arrive onsite, they can come together to form the home seamlessly thanks to our Plug & Play system. By streamlining all MEPF into one exposed connector, our team can connect two panelized walls in a matter of seconds.

With a crew of four, a 2,000-square-foot single family home can be fully connected and functional via Plug & Play in just two days.

Plug & Play also simplifies any future home maintenance. Because the Plug & Play connectors are hidden behind our stretch ceiling fabric, necessary plumbing or electrical components in need of repair or quality checks can be accessed easily.

Learn more about our Plug & Play system.


🪴 4:15: High-quality, sustainable materials

Our precise build technology allows us to achieve a near-zero waste build. But our sustainable practices also include the materials we select.

We select core materials by considering their benefits for homeowners and their impact on the environment. We look at a material’s entire lifespan and choose cradle-to-cradle alternatives that outlast traditional materials like wood and drywall, which are prone to deterioration and create large amounts of landfill waste. 

Our materials are both more durable and sustainable. For instance, the steel we use to frame our walls is 70% recycled, infinitely recyclable and holds greater load-bearing capabilities compared to a standard wooden frame. HPS creates zero waste and is designed to protect from the realities of life, including bacteria, moisture and even leaking pipes, providing a longer lifespan than drywall.

Learn more about our sustainable material choices.


🏠 4:50: Our limitless material – High Performance Surface

While we choose to work with HPS for its sustainable properties, its flexible nature and durability are additional reasons why we love this material. 

HPS is customizable to fit any homeowner’s style. Whether it’s tile, stucco, wood or even marble, HPS can be printed and cut to create an exact (and more durable) replica. We use the multipurpose material throughout our homes. It makes up our walls, countertops, cabinets, closet systems, vanities and more. It’s resistant to heat, water, scratches and stains.

Learn more about HPS.


🎛️ 6:09: The Veev Digital Home

Every one of our homes comes with an embedded Veev Digital Home operating system. Accessible from in-wall panels or our mobile app, homeowners can power lighting, locks, shades, HVAC and more.

Unlike other smart home technology that requires you to buy products from multiple brands, the Veev Digital Home comes built-in, because how we live in our homes shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Our embedded lighting can be programmed to turn on when the sun sets or turn off when someone leaves the room. Sensors in the walls allow you to program an HVAC system to maintain different temperatures in every room. Embedded wifi lets homeowners get rid of wires and routers while offering fast, secure connectivity. Consistent software updates make sure your home’s technology is never outdated.

Learn more about the Veev Digital Home.


⏩ 6:33: Veev’s next chapter

At Veev, we are building the home of the future — now. We’re always experimenting and innovating to ensure the next version of our homes is even more sustainable, more efficient and higher quality than before. 

This isn’t the end of our story, it’s only the beginning. 

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