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Introducing the Veev Single-Family Home

Our flagship product achieves build speed and sustainability records while offering homeowners convenience and longevity

Story by Amit Haller
May 18, 2023

At Veev, we build homes. But nothing about the way we do it is conventional. 

Our mission has never been to simply produce houses, but to radically reimagine home building — and living. From the ground up, we offer a more efficient and sustainable way forward for both homeowners and developers. 

Today, we’re proud to launch our flagship product: the Veev Single-Family Home. This two-story house can be built in as little as six weeks, emits approximately 50% fewer CO2 emissions than a traditional home build and offers homeowners unparalleled conveniences and durability.

After 15 years of testing, learning and iterating, we are thrilled to offer the world a home that defies industry expectations and redefines exceptional living. Here’s a look into our Single-Family Home’s core features and the innovations that got us here.

A premium home built in weeks

Veev Single-Family Homes are built fast — really fast. On average, a Veev home comes together in four to eight weeks. That’s up to eight times faster than the industry average. At a time when America faces a single-family home shortage, we believe our model can have a real impact on an ongoing housing crisis.

Our production plans are bold. We recently moved our operations to a 100,000-square-foot digital fabrication facility, equipped with two full assembly lines, that is slated to ramp up to more than 500 homes per year.

We achieve a record rate of production by controlling the entire build process — and producing the majority of home components such as windows, doors and cabinets — with a tech-powered assembly line in our digital fabrication facility. 

Taking our processes in-house turbocharges efficiency and gives us full authority to make industry-defying choices. Instead of opting for the standard, we carefully select our core materials for their durability, sustainability and flexibility. For instance, we choose to work with light-gauge steel instead of wood, high-performance surface (HPS) in place of drywall, and helical piles (screw anchors) over concrete foundations. While traditional homes require tens of thousands of line items, a Veev home is made up of roughly 5,000.

With 35 plus patents pending, our home assembly line is tech-powered from start to finish. Design begins in our customized digital twin software. The digital twin then feeds precise specifications into our home assembly line, directing the build of our closed wall panels—one of our most important innovations. Each of our modular wall panels are fully framed, insulated, and outfitted with all MEPF (mechanical, engineering, plumbing and fire protection) and inspected in our facility. Once delivered onsite, our team uses our proprietary Plug & Play system to connect walls in a matter of seconds to make for a seamless assembly.


A lower carbon footprint — and near-zero waste

The building and running of homes produces nearly 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a worsening climate crisis. At Veev, we track our carbon emissions down to every item to hold ourselves accountable as we strive to produce homes that act in harmony with our environment. 

Taking every material and process into account, Veev Single-Family Homes achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to if that same home was built using traditional methods and materials. Veev homes also create near zero waste, while a traditionally built 2,000-square-foot home build creates an average of 8,000 pounds of waste sent to the landfill. 

This is largely due to our core materials — 70% recycled, light-gauge steel and HPS — being “cradle-to-cradle,” meaning they are infinitely recyclable. These materials allow us to ditch two huge sources of waste in home building: wood and drywall. Using helical piles, a system that drills steel screw anchors into the ground, our foundations also minimize the impact on the surrounding environment and produce fewer CO2 emissions than concrete.


Premium features homeowners covet 

We achieve build speed and sustainability records while giving homeowners an unparalleled living experience. 

Ultra-durable materials hold up to everyday living — blocking mold, moisture and stains — and  better withstand climate disasters than traditional options. Solar power significantly lowers electricity bills and generates battery back-ups for use during outages. Standard features such as embedded security-grade wifi, an integrated Veev Digital Home operating system, EV chargers and dynamic lighting complement modern lifestyles. 

Overall, we aim to make Veev homes as convenient and maintenance-free as possible. HPS, which we use for everything from counters to our wall cladding to our vanities, is resistant to scratches, stains and moisture. Thoughtful choices like stretch ceilings make it easy to catch and quickly fix problems like water damage. Plus, we employ a service team that’s on standby to answer any Veev homeowner questions or help resolve any problems that arise. The idea: create homes that work for us, so we no longer have to work overtime for our homes. 

We are excited to partner with developers to bring Veev homes to more places across America. Looking to learn more about building with Veev? Learn more or get in touch. 

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