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The Veev Digital Home, Explained

Our built-in operating system gives homeowners a central place to manage all aspects of their home

Story by Avi Noam
May 11, 2023

Imagine waking up, and your house is already at work anticipating your needs. At the same time your alarm goes off, your shades lift, the lights turn on dimly and the thermostat kicks in. You open your phone to check the front door camera and see the delivery driver just dropped off your groceries. Later, you notice your sink is clogged  — in just a few taps, you’ve booked someone to service it.

This is Veev homeownership, powered by the Veev Digital Home. Our end-to-end home operating system is the heart of the Veev living experience.

The use of smart home products is booming: one-third of American households already use at least one device, and the number of users worldwide is expected to more than double in the next five years. But the options out there are finicky and fragmented, spread out among products from different brands requiring multiple apps.

For the first time, the Veev Digital Home gives homeowners a simplified, fully connected way to manage home operations, from temperature control to lighting to security and even maintenance. Rather than being an afterthought, the system is integrated into the walls from the start, all seamless and unseen. All of these features are accessible using the Veev app, touch panels built into every room or Amazon Alexa.

The best part: every Veev Digital Home is updated automatically, only getting better with time.


How the Veev Digital Home works

Once you move in, receive your secure digital keys and gain access to the pre-integrated Digital Home. 

The iOS app is customized to each homeowner’s individual floor plan, allowing you to rename and personalize your environment. You can control operations across the entire house, as well as make changes to one floor, room or even individual appliances and fixtures.

Every room is designed with built-in touch panels in place of traditional light switches. Homeowners also receive personal access to the Veev iOS app, which means you can control everything even when you’re away.

Left for the store and forgot to shut off the lights? Want to pre-heat your home before you arrive? Hoping to check in on things from vacation? Just open the app.

smart home features

Once you’re set up, you can start accessing all of the features, including:

Superior climate control

Because most thermostats pull information from one room, they don’t reflect or respond to the actual fluctuating temperature throughout the house. We avoid this problem by embedding sensors into the walls of every room that monitor for temperature levels and humidity. These sensors communicate directly with the HVAC system and our mini-split systems, allowing for more accurate and flexible temperature control.

Prefer a cooler environment for sleeping? Use the individually zoned heating and cooling feature to control climate by floor or room. Want the temperature to turn up when you wake for the day? Create custom modes and pre-set operations so they automate changes depending on the time of day. You can also set your ideal climate range so if the house falls below or above your set temperature, the HVAC will automatically kick in to keep the space comfortable.

Your house can also take other measures to avoid using the HVAC to conserve energy while keeping the temperature comfortable in other ways. If it starts to get warm in the afternoon and hits a certain temperature, for example, you can program your built-in, wireless shades to lower and block the sun, as well as the fans to turn on.

Dynamic lighting

We believe your home should be responsive to you throughout the day, and lighting helps set the mood for your environment. 

Unlike most new builds, our homes come with LED, low-voltage lighting sources in every room — not only are they more energy efficient, they communicate directly with the Veev Digital Home. No need to get out of bed or off the couch just to turn off the lights.

Every Veev lighting source is also dimmable and fully adjustable. You don’t have to commit to a single tone — you can change from a brighter blue to a warmer yellow to a bright white. 

 Similar to our climate control features, our system allows you to set and automate lighting modes depending on your mood or the time of day. Program your lighting to be brighter in the morning, turn off completely in the afternoon when the sun shines in and transition to a softer setting in the evening. Set special lighting modes as well. “TV mode” can get your house ready for Netflix, while “dinner party mode” sets an evening ambiance.

Your home and data, secured 

A Veev home comes with embedded security features. To give you peace of mind, we place sensors on exterior doors, windows and the garage door. You can use the wall panels or the app to securely monitor and lock all entry points. All doors auto-lock behind you. You can access the home through physical or virtual keys, and even share a guest digital key for those who need to enter your home when you’re not there. Exterior cameras and a built-in video doorbell also give you insight into who is approaching your home, all accessible from your app or in-room touch panels.

In addition to the security of the home itself, we offer enterprise-grade security protection of your data. Unlike most smart home devices on the market, the Veev Digital Home is built with security best practices in mind, including multi-factor-authentication. For any user hesitant on privacy or security, you can opt out of remote access and isolate their home from the outside world completely.

Reimagined home maintenance and service 

Say goodbye to the days of calling a dozen contractors to see if they can come out to fix your toilet or HVAC quickly. If you notice a problem with your Veev home, simply submit a ticket through the Veev Digital Home. We have a specialized team of customer service support dedicated to servicing homes and answering any questions a homeowner may have. 

In addition, in case of an emergency, we can also shut off power or water remotely should a problem arise to avoid damage.

Embedded enterprise wifi

Every Veev home comes hardwired with enterprise-grade wireless internet that results in larger bandwidth, a faster connection and increased security. No need to buy a modem or router, just decide on your wifi service provider, who can hook up service directly through the wall panel. 

Best of all, having wifi embedded into the walls means you have fast Internet in every corner of the house, with no sluggish spots.

Digital features that are future proof

Every day, our team is iterating and innovating ways to improve the Digital Home. The Digital Home will be wirelessly updated to provide new software features and functionality.

smart home features

A modern living experience

We spend roughly 65% of our lives in our homes. At Veev, we are making exceptional living an everyday reality and believe managing our homes should be easy — even fun. 

That’s why the Veev Digital Home is built into nearly every aspect of our homes, rather than an afterthought. And it’s why these features come standard, not as an added cost. 

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